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What was the Feudal system?

The title Lord of Penland dates back to the original grants from William the Conquerer in 1068, after defeating King Harold of England with an arrow in the eye 2 years prior at the infamous battle of Hastings. King William I brought with him a European idealism.


The Feudal system or the Vassal system was a support network for the king, whereby he would grant lands to a nobles, they would in turn support the King and supply knights and soldiers. The nobles would work the land with help of the peasants, the peasants would eat some of the produce as well as sell it at market and pay rent to the Noble.

Most Nobles built large houses, or Manors on their land asa a show of status. In the early years most of these would have been from eood, and then replaced with more sturdy materials at the end of the 16th Century. 

Around 300,000 titles were granted by the crown, some now dormant however the titles never expire and non have been known to be reclaimed by the crown. After the housing reforms of 1922 and subsequent amendments in 1925 Feudal Lordship titles became Incorporeal Hereditaments, essentially an inheritable asset with no physical body. Thus titles are still very much around they are just not recorded in some cases and in others continue to lay dormant

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